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Every passion needs fuel to keep it going. At Trip Social, we commit to sharing profits with you through our Contributor Program.

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Ad Revenue Sharing Rate

$5 per 1,000 views
(as per current boost)

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Booking Commission Sharing Rate
Current Boost

Valid between 31/1/2021 till 30/6/2021

Guide View Commission

How it works


Produce high-quality content in the form of travel guides for our community to interact with


Let us know you’re interested in our Contributor Program. We will review our application.


Once enrolled, make money every time your featured guides1 are read or bookings are made.

Travel Bloggers Love Us

“The text editor is very easy to use, and I like the fact that you can geo-tag each location, then Trip.Social will automatically create a map and an itinerary based on your tags. The Contributor Program is also a great way to share your knowledge while earning a little extra for your future trips.”

Trinh LeSBS Producer, Blogger

“I love the layout of the site and how it makes travel planning easy. It’s very satisfying to see the articles I wrote in that format too”

Winnie TanBlogger

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Frequent Answered Questions

How do I get paid?

We monitor traffics and calculated your earning monthly at the end of each. Once your earning reach payout threshold, we will issue payment within 30 days to your nominated Paypal account.

Payment will only be made via Paypal at the moment

How are earnings calculated?

As of March 1, 2021:

  • For each 1,000 views, you earn US$1

What is featured guide (1) ?

Each published guide is reviewed weekly by our editorial team. If satisfied with content quality and authenticity, we will mark it as ‘featured’. Only featured guides will appeared on destination and topic pages.

When will the Contributor Program be opened to the public?

We are aiming to have the program introduced to everyone in Q2 2021